Fund Management Summit 2014

Investment Week is pleased to announce the launch of our second annual Fund Management Summit which will bring together the top UK and European investment buyers and advisers. The Summit seeks to provide in-depth and cutting edge market knowledge alongside invaluable working opportunities.

Mirroring the success of last year's Fund Management Summit, this year promises to bring renowned keynote speakers within the business who will provide insight on opportunities in credit, the art of momentum investing, and how to create realistic expectations for distributors and investors, to name but a few of our hot topics.


  • Digesting election fever - the summit gets political! Sir Robert Worcester fills us in on American, UK, European and Scottish politics and how recent developments will affect the investment industry
  • The inducement stream - the FCAs inducement rules are creating big challenges for asset managers to get close to their distribution partners, we get to grips with the long term implications
  • Terrorism and the city - our celebrity guest speaker, Baronness Eliza Manningham-Bailer will deliver a most intimate and revealing final speech to our summit
  • Artificial Intelligence - can it change the distribution of financial products (keynote session)
  • Getting the right investor outcomes - our guest speaker highlights regulatory changes and transparency in the market (keynote session by William Amos, Financial Conduct Authority)
  • Biting into Bitcoin - is there investment potential in the virtual currency and how does it affect the future of money (keynote session by Mike Hearn, Bitcoin Developer)
  • A fearful market? - on day two our specialist panel tell us exactly who investors need to fear and why in ‘The global investment agenda' stream
  • The art of fund selection - our highly acclaimed topic from last year is back again to discuss distributors' fund selection approach on day two
  • Frack it - a discussion on current investment flavours such as the energy evolution, fracking and shale gas (‘The global investment agenda' stream)
  • In need of a woman's touch - with asset management funds increasingly being allocated to women we invite a prominent guest speaker to tell us how and why women are outperforming their male rivals (keynote session by Helena Morrissey, BNY Mellon)
  • The bond conundrum - exploring opportunities in credit within the new socio-political framework (keynote session by Jeremy Smouha, Atlanticomnium)
  • Disruption in the ETF world and game changing acquisitions - Jonathan Steinberg is flying over from the big apple to tell us how WisdomTree Investments is bearing the fruit
  • How to create realistic expectations for distributors and investors - keynote session by Edward Bonham Carter, Jupiter Fund Management


  • The global investment agenda
  • Technology - driving down the costs of investing
  • The inducement dilemma
  • An enterprise approach to distribution and pricing
  • The art of fund selection


  • Game changing acquisitions in the asset management business
  • Digesting election fever
  • Challenges of educating end users on the investment process


RESEARCHED PROGRAMME: The state of the investment industry, which markets offer exciting new opportunities, coping with regulatory changes and product risk, understanding your clients, BUILDING THE BRIDGE BETWEEN ASSET MANAGEMENT AND INVESTORS: Presented through a combination of plenary sessions, panel discussions and targeted streams including case studies

SIMULTANEOUS EXHIBITION: A platform for discussion around these innovative concepts with your peers and the leading solution providers in the business

PERSONALISED DAY: Choose between different streams over two days, enabling you to make the most of the conference and exhibition

CASE STUDIES: The opportunity to be at the forefront of new techniques, innovation and strategies

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